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Technology Solutions

Connecting health systems through interoperability

Our products and services improve and enable the electronic transfer of patient data between systems.

Health Intelligence Messenger (HIM) Electronic messaging service for patient data

Health Intelligence Messenger (HIM) facilitates the secure electronic transmission of patient information between general practices, laboratories, specialists, and hospitals.

GP2GP Electronic transfer of patient records between GPs

GP2GP is a type of message that enables patient records to be electronically exported and transferred between GPs accurately and efficiently.

NZ CDA Toolkit Creating interoperable clinical data for national systems

The New Zealand Clinical Document Architecture (CDA®) Toolkit is designed to provide a common data model implemented by all software products used by clinicians in national services. 

Interoperability Platform Communicating, exchanging and using information across the health system

The Interoperability Platform provides services that support key, foundational capabilities that are critical in supporting health information exchange.