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GP2GP Electronic transfer of patient records between GPs

GP2GP enables patient records to be electronically exported and transferred between GPs safely and effectively.

About GP2GP

GP2GP allows patients to take their electronic medical record with them when they shift practices. It is a service that allows any general practice medical system in New Zealand to share patient medical records in a defined, common language. Each different GP medical software (Practice Management System, or PMS) stores your information in different ways, traditionally making it difficult for one system to understand another. GP2GP facilitates the transfer of medical records between these different systems in a way that is faster and more secure than a paper-based transfer.

Key features:

  • Allows electronic medical records to shift practice with the patient
  • Available in all major NZ GP medical software
  • Translates medical records into a commonly understood language
  • Is a collaboration between all major medical GP software partners
  • A better, faster, safer alternative to printing, posting and faxing patient records

How it works

At the core of GP2GP is a number of software components that translate from one system’s language, into a common language, and then allows any other system to translate that common language back into its own. The service is made possible by the collaboration of all the major PMS vendors.

Patient Benefits

  • Their most important health information is available to their new GP.
  • Their safety is improved because the GP has better access to clinical information that may be held by other providers.
  • They receive improved clinical decision-making so that the right care can be provided at the right place and at the right time.
  • There is a reduced risk of accidental harm due to unforeseen drug reactions and risks treatments being ineffective.
  • Their medical history is less likely to be lost every time they move between general practices.

GP Benefits

  • Staff don’t need to spend time printing and mailing patient medical records.
  • Patient records are presented in a format that is structured, easy to read and searchable.
  • GPs have detailed knowledge of a new patient’s current medication, allergies, current problems and past medical history.
  • Key pieces of information can be located more efficiently than thumbing through reams of scanned pages that may not be illegible or are difficult to read.